The D-day Is here! The V-day is here!!!

February 14 2011

On this valentine's day I remember and salute the women who made me the man I am today.

I Love you mom:- For when I cried and refused to go to school, for when I was scared at night and cried all night along, for when I wet my pants and then cried aloud, for when I was adamant for the toy we could not afford, you held me by your side, you never ceased to love, you were there and will be, when I need you. I am sorry for the times I put you through pain. I love you because you were the first woman to have come into my life. Thank you Ma. I Love You.

I love you Samu Perima:- For the values you instilled in me. For the times when you made me feel special. For the times you Played ball with me when I was 5 and you 45! For the mornings when you fed me with your hands, bathed me and clothed me up to go to school. For teaching me to see the time. For the lessons of love and compassion. For the sweetest childhood memories. For laying my life's foundation stone. In Life I love you more! I wish you were here with me today. I Love You Perima.

I Love You Sis Deepa:- For the larger pie you gave me, Always! For the prayers you prayed so that I would be well. For the times you sat by my side all night long. For the tears you cried when I broke my limbs. For the sacrifices you made. For parting with the bike so that I could ride and you, walk. For the sacrifices you made so that I would get the accolades. For teaching me to accept my pains. For the tears that were for me on the day when you got married. For giving me the sweetest and the dearest nephew! I Love You Deepa.

I Love You 'Anitha':- For standing up for me, with me, when the world showed me their back. For loving me so much that I understood the power of love. For the times you understood me when I myself couldn't. For that night!!! For believing I was your man and staying by my side. For the memories which shall die with me and come with me to the afterworld. For the sweet smiles which made my day, EVERYDAY! For holding me by your side when I cried. For the nights I kept you awake as I had a flu! For teaching me how to stand up and be counted and be heard. For always telling me that I would win. For the hugs which recuperated my dying heart. For the kisses which gave me back my breath. For some reasons I missed you Anitha. Now you got married with someone and may be you have a wonderful kids too who knows?! I Miss You and I Love You 'Anitha'.

Love is a beautiful feeling. I feel it everyday when my mom brings me breakfast knowing I would be hungry. I feel it when the dog looks at me with doleful eyes, wags it's tail and gives me her paw. I feel it when my friends call, just to know for sure that I am all right. St. Valentine gave us a day to celebrate the greatest feeling known to man. Do not belittle it by having sex(only). Love transcends boundaries. Let us keep it that way. Happy valentines Day, World!!!Keep loving. For it is one thing which does not make us a vegetable.


Arthi said...

What a sweet and moving valentine to the cherished ones in your life. You write with a loving heart and a spirited soul. I signed up to follow your journey. Stop by my place and return the favor if you like.

Sruthi said...

Great post! It's always great to recognize those who you love and love you back in return =)

Pooja said...

What a touching post. I teared up reading it.