Question Paper

February 10 2011

1. Why is it more difficult to "forget" some things than it is to remember a lot others?
2. What do you do with suppressed, unjustified, unexpressed, yet undying anger?
3. Even not making a choice is a choice, and it's often the wrong one. Still, what to choose when you don't know anything about which choice is right, and can't wait indefinitely?
4. In an ideal world, one would say "give as much as you take, and take as much as you give" and be entirely capable of doing that. In the real world though, what do you do? Take more than give, or give more than take?
5. What does the pic on right signify?
6. If time were your slave, would you stop it when you were happy?
7. What do you do when you're pulled out of self-denial by abundance, then suddenly brought to paupership again, and by now your habits have been terribly spoiled?
8. Is "being loved when you don't love" somebody's fault? Is it something meaningful or complete in itself? Is it desirable?
9. Would you call anybody who lies as a dishonest person? What's your definition of honesty?
10. Can you love somebody enough to kill them?

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Adarsh said...

chea no way macha brilliant!