When I'm not in my right mind . . .

July 16th, 2009

. . . my left mind gets very full.
Having an odd day. I woke up and something else in my mind woke
Up with me. It was the energy, sat in the right side of my head singing
And giggling and wanting to leap around like the foolish thing it is.
I was in a quiet, flat, reflective mood, managing to do a few chores
While the energy bounced in my skull and sang loudly at me. I had to
Endure a lot of JINGLE BELLS!.

I write it this way because this is the way I experience it. What the
Truth of it is I don't know. But when this part of my mind is in
Executive control I can be very child-like. One night in hospital
I managed to pull down all the curtains while attempting to get
Round the room without touching the floor. Then I had to hide
In the garden and jump around behind the shed.

As the day went on the world got very mobile and my thoughts
Got fast and fragmented and I had to do some pacing.
In the end I took OLEANZ.
The crisis team came and told me that I work very hard to deal
With my problems and that is good. So I feel officially patted
On the head.

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