July 25th, 2009

December 22, 2008
What a week. All the good stuff happened (dinner at the in-laws’
place, lunch for charan’s birthday, night out with anna last night)
And it was all very enjoyable. Last night was particularly good.
While the dinner at grt grand was not really a success (the food
Was nice, but it was too noisy to hold a conversation), it was when
We all came back to our home that the night really picked up. We
All talked, laughed, ate and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It was a
Really lovely evening.
It’s funny how, even when things are going well, depression can
Reassert its presence. For ex, this was a really social week for
Me. I enjoyed all of it. But,by yesterday,I was really tired.I could
Feel how tired I was. I did enjoy last night, but when i went to bed,
I was so tired I didn’t even put in my earplugs-and I slept like log.
(I always wear earplugs to bed. Not only does appa's snore like a
Train’s coming through, but I’m a light sleeper at the best of times)
Anyhow, I woke up this morning and, after breakfast, was surfing
Net, when I started to feel really sleepy. Not a problem, I thought,
I’ll have a nap. Now, as anyone who knows me will tell you, I’m a
Napper from waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back.
I can nap for three hours in the afternoon, then sleep for 12 hours
That night. I love my sleep, and without enough sleep, I’m feral.
So,off I toddle to bed. When i wake up it was bcoz the phone was
Ringing, not because I’d naturally woken up. Anyhow, I answered
The phone (it was amma, working on the reno) and got out of bed.
When i looked at the time, I did a double-take. I’d been asleep for
Six hours. Even at my most anaemic, I’d never napped for six
Hours before. Even when I had double pnuemonia, I didn’t nap
For six hours. Okay, it had been a long, busy week, and a late
Night, but six hours?! The only thing i can ascribe it to is the
Depression (together with getting to bed just after midnight
the night before). Amazing. So yes, it is incredible how a mental
Illness like depression can have such a strong physical impact.
That said, this week has been worth it.
Do I love feeling like I can enjoy socialising again.

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