’Tis the season to eat too much

July 21st, 2009
Another flat out week. I’ve had more people crying in my office
This week than I have had in the last couple of months. (It’s
Actually my business to sort out people’s work-related problems.
Yay for an interesting but frustrating business, hey?)
It’s been a blur, really. I had training on one day at chennai ,
It wiped that day out for anything else. In fact,it wiped me out,too.
I came home and fell asleep instantaneously. I also had a number
Of meetings with various people,which,while it’s integral part of
My business, prevented me from getting paperwork stuff off my
‘to do’ list. Still, it’s gone very quickly, and it’s now a week closer
To our holiday. Woohoo!

i had my dinner with my anna & anni, last night. It was
At a swanky restaurant, with anna picking up the tab (always
A bonus). We ate, and enjoyed ourselves. It was really lovely.
Yes, it’s early in December to be having a Christmas dinner
With family, But my brother flies out to america next week back,
So it was really the last chance with everyone in the country to
Get together. And it was very enjoyable. Despite the fact i had
Also been out for business work earlier in the day, we still ate
Plenty and had the energy to have fun. What ever fun but i
Miss my ANI without her nothing makes me happy.

Other than work , not a lot has really been happening this week.
Three evenings out of five, I’ve come home and fallen asleep.
I suspect i’m still not really recovered from this depression;
I’ve had a nasty throat which doesn’t seem to be really improving,
And I’m more that normally tired. However, there doesn’t seem to
Be anything that medical profession can do that hasn’t been tried,
So I’m just going to take it easy and see how it goes. Maybe
I should even try the whole clean-living, fruit and vegies thing.

We’re slowly getting ready for shifting home to Tirupur. As we
Leave in a week or so, that’s probably a good thing. Every thing is
Organised. I just need to finalise our home. This is fiddly, as i need
Medical reports from our specialists to say that i am ok .
Eh, I’ll worry about that closer to the time.

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