Past Forward

April 23 2010

I look back at my life, and I realize I’ve always been running after something.. Money.. Safety.. Love.. Understanding.. Fun.. And here I am now, unsure if that’s what I really wanted all along?

The last 10 years have just whizzed by.. with me moving from one ‘logical’ step to another, and here I am now, unsure if I want that logic anymore?

I feel (at) peace and frustration..

I feel lost and caged..

I feel loved and misunderstood..

I feel hopeless, yet hopeful..

I feel empty, yet insightful..

I feel anger, yet calm..

I feel crushed, yet full of life..

I feel incomplete and yet so complete..

I feel it’s time to ask those tough questions.. and It’s time to answer them truthfully..

I feel it’s time to live without fear or anxiety.. and It’s time to just be..

I feel it’s time to fly away.. and fly as far away as I can..

I feel it’s time.. Yes! I feel it’s high time!

1 comment:

crazyasuka said...

…and you’re awesome. an incredible poet…and especially engaging in that you are uniquely exactly who you are…so there! deal with it ; )