Say Something about Sharmila!!

April 14 2010

Fat? Huh,Yes....
Small?? Noo,
Shy? WHAT?,
Sweet? errr!,
Sporting? Yeah(Monkey Cycling),
Cool? Do you mean Cold(blooded)?   ,
Tall? oi, don’t you get bored?,
Slim? Idiot!!!
Intelligent? Who is not? But this girl have too much brainpower!! I wish I can steal some from her!!
Her Smile? I just know how much she laughs! Can’t control once it starts. Unbelievable? Yeah I know what you mean 
Her hair? you want me to get killed? (PS: Kadalora Kavithaigal Teacher)
Her dairy? Best thing happened to her in life. Well may be second best thing, But I red it only once
Her Friendship? I wish I had her as friend, cousin and my first w....  oi oi  stop! stop! stop! well wisher from childhood and I wish I will have her as friend till eternity) (Are you feeling okay, I wrote as you said Sharmi?).
What will you gift her? Questioner, you are so boring that I am quiting now. The End.

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Anonymous said...

Good Imagination ....