Meme Se7en

April 5 2010

1. Now a days I hate to write “about me” type of descriptions.
2. White and Pink are my type of colours.
3. I don’t believe in idol worship.
4. I can have coffee, fries or ice water any time of the day.
5. I dislike strawberry ice cream, pastries, cream based cakes, etc.
6. I love Chettinad and European food.
7. I do not get angry easily.
8. I like to do things at my own pace and with  positive attitude.
9. I don’t believe in ghosts.
10. I hate thrillers and action movies.
11. Learning foreign languages is my hobby.
12. I enjoy observing people and their gestures.
13. I don’t make opinions on people and situations easily.
14. I enjoy multitasking.
15. I enjoy solitude, a book, piano, and a glass of vodka.
16. I love mountains more than sea.
17. I live two parallel lives simultaneously.( I am Gemini too)
18. I think I would make a good driving skills!
19. I find internet as a blessing.
20. I hate to get hot in sun.
21. When I come to nastiness, which is very occasional…, I can be very mean and hard hitting.
22. I would love to experiment with my hair color and wear colored glasses! Though I haven’t tried any of the two things. I am too scared to get my hair treated chemically.
23. I adore jeans trousers.
24. I have never been to a discotheque. Shame on me!
25. I like listening to Rahman songs.

As I said I believe in doing things at my own pace as long as it does not trouble anyone. I took my own sweet time to do this tag. Hope it didn’t trouble anyone.

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