Meme Ei8ht

April 29 2010

It’s hard to nail down just 10 things that make me happy. I’ll try.

1. Making other people happy or smile. Makes me all gushy.

2. Reading a great book. Or learning something from it.

3. Eating good food. Even better when it’s from my mom's kitchen!

4. Being creative.

5. Listening to music.

6. Watching great television. Mostly found on Vijay Tv's Koffee wit Anu and The Hour with Gopinath's Neeya Nanna.

7. My family.

8. Good conversation.

9. Living life.

10. Cheese. I know I said food. Oh, how I love Gee roast and cheese!


Pooja said...

an award for you!
Happy Monday!

Sruthi said...

you are funny,
awesome post da!

Kavitha said...

Thanks, pepsi! I’ll be over to comment at your site in a bit.