I was so blind!

April 25 2010

Finally! I know my purpose! I was so blind!

All I wanted was happiness. I now know that it is unrealistic. It’s too stupid. It’s like the lottery, but only more people win it. However, I am not meant to be happy. Happiness is not for me. I now know it. It’s not the way I’ll be. I was not that fortunate. Life is never what you make it to be. Life is only what you are given.

My purpose is to serve others, to love others. I can do that. I will not seek help from others, for I’m a man. I don’t need help. I need to help others. That’s what I’m here for. I’m not some ignorant brat who’s constantly happy and has a “life” and hangs out with others. I am meant for other works. Satisfaction is not to be felt, but rather to be known and understood.

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Sruthi said...

Prabhu, I figured this out about a month or so ago. Some of us are only here for other people. It’s possibly the hardest task God could’ve give us- which means he thinks we’re very capable.