My dinner tonight...

September 17 2010

1) Mutton Biryani
2) Chicken Kurma
3) 2 Dosai's
4) One plate Chettinad Chicken Gravy
5) Two apples

Yes, all in one sitting. And no, it is not recommended…


Pooja said...

yummmm…is all i can say! and sigh i didn’t get any of that!
At my parents house…eating is like a full time job…and we always have at least more than 2 types of non veg along with veg sutff (which nobody really likes to touch!) for each meal. As soon as a meal ends there….there is already activity in the kitchen for the next meal
Argghh…im hungry now!!!

Priya said...

I identify with you family. The only thing is- this particular meal had only one partake-offer. Me. (Never again.)

Sruthi said...

am hungry your posts