People need to be.....

September 29 2010

- drunk to talk;
- forgetful to forgive;
- psychotic to be passionate;
- hurt to be honest;
- confused to think;
- crazy to love.

Strange indeed.


Adarsh said...

hehehehehe liked the first one, "drunk to talk"

Sakthi said...

yeah! well said!
esp 'drunk to talk'!!

Asuka said...

It's true you know. Many many people need that to b able to really talk. Or rather, to say what they want to or mean to. Strange!

Arthi said...

rather extremist views there :)

hurt to be honest, you mean that actually :) ??

drunk to talk.....i get the drift.....................i guess i am not going to talk in this life :P what are my options?

Sudarshan said...

well said.."Drunk to talk and hurt to be honest " appleals so much! :) a short n really nice post thala!