Will you give me your love?

September 12 2010

Brighter than a thousand suns, burns what i feel inside.
Destiny many call it, but this i can’t hide.
Days go by, i am lost, you show me the way.
I have tried to hold it for long, but i must say it today.
Long have you chanced upon my eyes, and made them blind.
You played unbelievable games of love with my heart, my mind.
Your beauty reminds me, of a geisha of admirable grace.
In your arms i seek to find, my one true solace.
I yearn to do what no one has done, i swear by the white winged dove.
If i kneel down and beg, will you give me your love?


Arthi said...

Nice da macha

Priya said...

enga soota