September 16 2010

(Taken from Pooja's dairy dated on September 8 2000)

In spite of repeated changes in college final year,( though we all are not in the same college) we (Me, Arthi,  and Sruthi) stuck to our original plan and accompanied Prabhu to his home at Pollachi Yesterday. After a mouth watering breakfast, the usual mokka sessions and a 'spicy'(!) lunch (We had tears in our eyes and running noses after the lunch! Mythily aunty's(prabhu's sweet mom) traditional style chicken kolambu with spicy Biriyani... Paasakkara ppl..! and these guys Prabhu 2 full beers and sudarshan 1 drunked  in front of us and  make sentimental mokkai's ), we embarked on our trip to Aliyar in his FIAT Car.
Located at about 22kms from Pollachi, Aliyar is a perfect weekend getaway place. Surrounded on three sides by majestic hills of the Western Ghats, the view of the reservoir from the dam is a visual treat. Add to it the gentle breeze. And the lofty cloud caps. And the picturesque sun set. And finally Seven (Add Prabhu's fiancĂ©e Anitha and his cousin ) cool ppl to hang out with!! Simply Superb!
The very scene of the cool and serene waters brings delight. But Aliyar's waters are not as safe as they seem. A little chat with the boat man turns scary. "Mudhalaya? irukkum... Aazham vera adhigam. Masathuku oruthar rendu peravathu sethudranga... thannikulla pogatheenga na kaeta thana.." Depth and crocs form a deadly combo. A 'warning' board reads, "Ithuvarai (from 1962) iranthavargal ennikkai: 132". "Pazhaiya boardunga athu.." chips in the boat-man. I open my mouth to ask "How old?" but stopped short in case the answer is terrifying.

The boat ride is splendid though. A ten minute boat ride that costs you just Rs.15 and takes the you to the mountain shadows is, in one word, awesome! That, we just made the last trip of the day make us feel strangely better. :)

We have fun, giving poses to the camera, putting mokkais and spend the time running about the dam. A warning bell at 6:30pm says it's time to leave and Uncle(his dad) also call to prabhu's cellphone that its being late. So we start the short walk back.
For fish lovers, ('Eating' not meant. There are fishes here that could eat you! :) ), the mini aquarium nearby houses quite a collection of fishes ranging from the Guppy to the Piranha (Locked up safely, so no worries!)
A stifling journey in a squeezingly packed car that carried about seven ppl, in the place of five and a confusing tale woven so good to escape fine for late entry from our 'nanga romba strictu!' watchmen wound up the memorable day.


Sruthi said...

Those days are golden days macha!

Pooja said...

en bita enake podriya?