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September 25 2010

The answer I found myself writing.

How do I exorcise my grief?
I don't.
My grief isn't evil
My grief isn't a ghost
My grief doesn't flatter to deceive
My grief doesn't boast
My grief doesn't abandon midway
like seasonal love, like the joy of success
My grief doesn't ask for "space" of its own
My grief is mine to possess
I soak in my grief
and let it pass through me
in the darkness of the nights
it helps me get to know me
My grief is my friend
it strengthens me when it leaves
rather, when it hides in the shadows
waiting, till my heart grieves
My grief hears my sighs and screams
My grief embraces what my eyes won't
How do I exorcise my grief?
I don't.

Life is amusing :)

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Shreeja said...

awesome writing da!