Conference with the United Nations delegates

May 30 2011

Note : One could understand this post only if they have a grip of the recent developments in Libya. If you don't know anything about the Libya Crisis, you can still read the post because even if you don't have a grip of this post, you are not gonna lose anything.

Recently Prabhupepsi was invited to Libya to solve the internal crisis of the country. So he took a Town Bus from Koyambedu bus stand on Saturday Night and reached Libya - early Sunday morning. He was greeted by delegates from three nations.
Mohamed Kathafi from Libya
Obama from US of A
Nelson Mandela from South Africa

The bus came to a halt in the Main Bus stand in Libya. The three delegates came forward to meet him. They did not give him a red carpet welcome nor did they garland him; but they had love in their hearts. This is evident from the photo. Click the pictures for a better view.
As soon as Prabhupepsi got down from the bus, the delegates introduced themselves to him. Pleasantries were exchanged. He had bought Tirunelveli Iruttu kadai Halwa for them.
For some reason, Nelson Mandela came for the meeting without any dress. Apparently he was taking bath and when he saw Prabhupepsi entering Libya in a bus he did not want to waste time by wearing a dress. Soon, the delegates entered into a conversation. The three delegates discussed on how to stop Zoo-ma from complicating things in Libya

The delegates and Prabhupepsi, then had a detailed talk about NATO's intervention in Libya and also about Osama's Lucky helicopter raid on Pakistan. They even agreed to send an Anonymous mail to the G-8 summit.

Finally after a peaceful talk where no one understood anything, the discussion ended in chaos.

Prabhupepsi's Black coolers was flicked by one of the delegates. He has a strong doubt on Obama.

Revelation : The above two pictures were actually taken during a trip to Kovalm beach near Trivandrum. 

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