A day with her

May 18 2011

I didn’t notice but somehow this peace of article I am writing seems to be dominated by my ‘REKS’ … but its justified since my last few months are as much delightfully dominated by her. So I am going to write more about ‘us’ now….since its my article and I need to be mentioned too.
She came into my life without asking my permission, but is now barred to go away without my permission, cause I now need her more than she needs me. She has been the ray of hope, when I could see things as dark as gloom. She supported me, without asking for anything in return … she smiled even at my lamest jokes even laughed at them…criticized me without the intention of hurting me or discouraging me…praised me for the fewest things I did right in my life. All and all it has been a happy sailing with her…loved any and every moment stayed and shared with her …and pray from the deepest corner of my heart that it never ends…never ever … wish to say and write more, but my situations are not allowing me to do so …
I understand all your views and reasons girl, but what I don’t like is basing your life on the lines of those reasons and situations. Yet I know my wait will be worth it … for now concluding, with a promise to write more about things and my life newly discovered surprise which is YOU … !!!
Have so much more to write on us … I may end up writing actually never…!!
Love, like and miss u as a ’dnky’, alwayz!!

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