The missing factor

May 24 2011

No Time To Blog??? The missing factor is P

Let me start my blog with a negative note which will be positive for the rest of my life . YES.... I have been using this sentence " No time to blog. My work is keeping me busy". But I have learned in my experience that it is the lack of planning in my end and from people surrounding me that has kept me "so called BUSY" in spite of same 24 hours available for all humans around the globe. The "P" of POSDCORB ( Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing, Coordinating, Reporting & Budgeting.) the missing factor that has let to many uncertain situations.

Busy is the word that we all almost use to run away from the challenges of life. Let it be your dad who calls up for a help this evening . You say " I am busy with work this evening. Let me see whether I can do it". When your friend calls up for a get together , projecting yourself busy is more prestigious that being readily available. Planning will make things more comfortable and efficient rather than bumping into things . I wouldn't say I have never planned. But Planning the right way makes the difference.

So let me start with a good note that , going ahead I will plan things in the right way well ahead of time and Start Blogging :)

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