Bipolar Isn’t the Only Thing

March 3rd, 2009

Life happens. Living with any illness is like swimming upstream with a cement block tied around your neck. My block is bipolar disorder. The thing is bipolar disorder is not the only thing in my life. I have a family . A business. A mortgage and many unspeakable bills. That’s just some of my life, there is always more.
Bipolar disorder seems to color everything in my life. I don’t want it to control me. I think, however, I make decisions based on my life always being with it. If I reach deep down within myself, all the way to the core of my soul, I find a person who really wants to make it. I can enjoy the family, the business, the professional pursuits . . .
It’s okay for me to want to make it and it’s okay to enjoy life. Bipolar Isn’t the Only Thing.

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