Feeling Better

March 21st, 2009

As expected I am feeling much better since my last posts. As I taper off the medications my depressions have become fewer and shorter but are more intense. I blame the depakote for f......ing up my body rhythms but won’t know for sure until I’m off it for good. It’s looking like I should be off it entirely by early summer 2009. The timing is determined by the number of pills that remain. I can’t afford to get any more depakote to extend the time frame. It’s okay though as I feel confident that it’s doable as long as I have a plan to deal with the depression that hits with each decrease. That last one was a doozy. I am going to a meditation class tomorrow to get back into the meditation grove which will help with the next depression.

I am also interviewing for a possible business next week which will get me out of the house. I think that while I enjoy being alone in the long run it is not healthy. I need the people interaction to get out of my head.

This is a quick update.

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