March 22nd, 2009

You place your lips on their cheeks and gently blow and the child giggles his heart out.
She tickles you, forgetting that your hands are bigger and you’re a more seasoned tickler! ;p
You heighten the pitch of your voice and say the simplest thing with eyes all wide and he chuckles to his heart’s content.
She whispers to you “where’s chittapa’s crying photo?” for the 12th time and giggles her head off!
She jumps on you and decides you’re her swing and hugs the life out of you– ouch but awww.
He does what he shouldn’t and then peeks at you while flashing a cheeky smile.
She blurts a million stories in a second and and all you got was – cat – drop – throw!
You ask for a kiss and he lands a sloppy sweet kiss on your lips and flashes his brilliant smile and goes “I kisss u”
Ah bliss – the simple joy only children can bring!

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