Things to do when depressed

March 9th, 2009

1. Paint. Anything.
- Glass
- Canvas
- Paper
- Walls

2. Clean. Everything. But remember, no vacuuming at night unless you live on your own. Try not to wake people up and don’t get angry at people when they inevitably ruin everything.

3. Build things out of cardboard, paper, string or whatever you have to hand.
- A suit of armor
- A dragon (like this one)
- A house (it can be a mini one)

4. Try not to buy things. Give your cash and cards to dad, mom or something.

5. Go out and have FUN. Not too much fun. If you’re too manic, don’t go out. Something bad will happen. Probably.

6. Cook. Pay attention or you’ll burn things.
- Dosai
- Idly
- Poori
- Coffee
- Soup
- Pasta

7. Remember no one’s out to get you.

8. Be relaxed & calm

If anyone has any more suggestions, please leave me a comment or something. I rapidly run out of things to do when I’m depressed. Or probably hypomanic is more accurate for these particular things.

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