Boys & Girls in Facebook

September 25 2011

"Dear Facebook, Every time I add a girl you ask me "Do you know her?" Is she your sister? "

This was an innocent question raised by an innocent friend of mine recently. Facebook has asked the same question to me too. Facebook has never asked the question when I add boys.Is Facebook showing any partiality towards the fairer members of the human species?

The other day, some of my girl friends were talking to me and they complained to me that they were getting too many fraansheep requests from many strangers. Were they showing off that they too have graded to the category of BABES? Is this why they straightened their hair and colored it in three colors? and threaded off their hairy eyebrows? They might have told the truth. But I found them to be irritating. When the whole country was talking about Anna Hazare, these girls were talking about the fraansheep requests they were getting through facebook. Why can't they just ignore the requests?

Coming to boys, I asked my little bro Guru "Do you accept girls friendship requests?"

He said "No! I don't accept requests from strangers?"

Then I logged into Facebook and found that he had more than 500 friends in his facebook account. Does he really know all 500 of them?

To every Boys and Girls suffering from too many friend requests,Do you wanna stop getting Friend requests,Then Put Your REAL Picture!!
Facebook Profile Picture

Real Picture!!!

If spending two hours in the beauty parlor was not enough, then spending one whole week in photoshop to spice your picture and then cropping it might yield better results to you.

But let me tell you a secret, Girls!

If you wanna receive many fraansheep requests from men, you do not really need to have a cute display picture. All you need to have is a name that sounds feminine. Even if you add a picture of a flower or a cat, Men will add you. That is the manufacturing defect that men are born with. You and I can never change that.
The picture  is Prabhupepsi's FB display picture. If you want to know how Prabhupepsi really looks like, please click this Link

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