Hospital Dairies 3

September 10 2011

Being in hospital ICU is like a nightmare for me. I'm a quiet, solitary person. I need space, I need peace. In hospital there is none of either. There are people everywhere. You can draw the curtain round your bed, but you can't get away from the noise. You can sit in the day room, but the chairs are uncomfortable, and there is rarely anything on television that you would choose to watch, and even if there was there is usually too much noise to follow it. 

The next day they decreased my medication, both the antibiotic, mannitol and clexane I was given PT INR test  everyday. To give them their due they did also move me into a normal room for a few days, which was a huge relief and great hope.

 After coming from ICU, I want to be myself, I want to be alive, I want to be free. So waiting for the day of discharge.

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