WOMEN - the sex that leaves me baffled !

December 5 2011

Note: This is a sexist post and my heartiest apologies to those who do not see eye-to-eye on the subject. Well blogging is freedom of speech, no? Hence I shall use that freedom to the fullest ! 

I wish I could get to know women better. Understand their point of view, rip them down to plain flesh and see through them, to find out how they can make statements of undying love to one and then utter the very same, with the same conviction and the
same gazing intent to another?
How can they keep their hearts rekindled with the same passion and desire-like fire as though he's the only they intend to love, touch and hold for the rest of their lives - being fully aware of the fact that it is only a matter of time before the testosterone rush guides them to another who befits the mould of what they believe to be just perfect ! And then forget him too, for another who pleases the eye, tempts the heart, embarks upon and glorifies the horizons of their fantasy...

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