Self Pride

December 3 2011

I’m feeling quite chuffed at the moment.

I just found out that I won an award that’s given out yearly at work. It’s a real boost to my confidence and I’m really pleased to have this piece of good luck. (I say luck because there are better CCTV camera centers which were unrecognized in the past sadly because they were not nominated. silly, right?)
The real icing on the cake has to be the news that some of  the camera prices will be getting low only for dealers, and I happen to be part of the lucky people. yes, how awesome is that?

I’m planning to pay off my car loan with this little bonus. if it’s not enough, I will wait for the year-end bonus then. I can’t wait to put up a status on facebook and twitter saying something like, "I’VE PAID MY LOAN DEBTS! ONE BURDEN LIFTED OFF MY SHOULDERS!" yes, I really don’t like the idea of being in debt. So much so that I’m hoping that the day I should finish my car loan I bought. but that dream remains very far away.

Rite now, I just want to bask in a little self pride, happiness and that feeling you get when you feel you’re getting too much money and you’re not really sure why.

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