mood swings...

December 8 2011

. . . Prabhupepsi experiences mood swings, which includes periods of extreme low mood and elation or "high energy". Prabhupepsi has also experienced psychotic symptoms and dissociative episodes. Currently Prabhupepsi is reasonably well at the moment but does require ongoing support to motivate and encourage him to maintain and develop his recovery and prevent relapse . . . his sleep pattern is erratic . . . Prabhupepsi has become socially isolated . . . Prabhupepsi has little experience of positive relationships outside of contact . . . Prabhupepsi finds it difficult to organise daily household tasks and at times he struggles to carry out basic tasks . . . Prabhupepsi's support needs are around encouragement and support to complete household tasks and to get out and about in the community, also encouragement to work, eat and attend to his personal hygiene needs when he feels unwell.

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