I think I won’t fall

December 16 2011

 A few interesting things happened to me today!

1. I found out a friend has a true friendship on me(Mr.Jothi).

2. I went to metupalayam.(and met up with lovely incident, one of my flowers that God had was fallen for me, cause who graciously brought me around this temple {MR.Thiyagu}).

3. Soon I’m going to have a foreign trip.

When I put it like that, they definitely don’t seem like much but I’ve been quite distracted last month, so much so that I’ve neglected my one new true friend(Mr.Krishna Kumar). well, these things and watching reruns of friends have pretty much occupied most of my life right now, besides work.

oh, and its 12am know?!. 

I’m looking forward to the trip with Thiyagu but it also feels like this will be happen with many travel buddies. We seem to be growing apart as friends. I’m saddened by many things, but I know by now that sometimes friendships don’t last and I just have to let go and move on.

But Thiyagu was wonderful person. He was the first friend to talk on my own, though technically it wasn't a  freshers talk because some restricted friends was with me most of the time. But staying with Thiyagu was it likes having perks, Like being in the bedroom to myself and not feeling guilty if I sneeze too loudly and I like that I can wake up when I want, come back when I want, go where I want – basically be as self-indulgent as I can be. and of course, the templing was amazing. I’m definitely coming back every friday with you. As for my friend… I could like him but I can’t hold for various complicated reasons. however, it hasn’t stopped me from exchanging flirtatious text messages. I feel like I’m playing with my bro am I rite Thiyagu?!. but as long as I don’t go beyond that, I think I won’t fall.

I have to say, it really feels nice to know Thiyagu thinks of me that way and is thinking of me. If only I’m not a cheat and will actually take a stand to be faithful – either be involved friendly or just stay strictly friends.
but it’s just a affection. He’ll get over it.

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