Proactive in my life

June 17 2010

I've decided to be proactive in my life from this birthday. To go out and do stuff and explore new ideas and places and muses. I need to get out and see the world, coffee shop, park, town, city, and state etc etc. I’ve spent so much of my life twiddling my thumbs and waiting on other people to get their shit together, that I've never gone ahead and lived my life.

- Start my business
- Start a fresh blog for Google Valet
- Enter into My Space Contest by July 25th
- Get published
- Find Clients for Google Valet
- Work hard for it
- Have atleast 100 clients 
- Road trip this summer
- Visit Samu perima in Chennai
- Get married at least this year
- Drink and Party
- Buy a Piano
- Learn to play it
- Learn how to live on completely vegetarian diet
- Not hurt Dad, Mum and Any one

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Sruthi said...

all de best da