This was annoying in my head.

June 13 2010

Do you ever have one of those days when things are just GOOD and RIGHT and you feel accomplished?

(No? Then you should probably stop reading because I'm about to get really f***ing annoying.)

I'm not usually that person, I'm definitely not that cheerful man who always looks on the bright side and never thinks inappropriately mean thoughts about people who annoy him and wakes up singing along with the goddamn birds and would rather die than swear.

And I never will be, in case you are holding your breath.

(None of you are, right? Please don't. I don't know CPR.)

(I could probably figure it out, though. I mean, it can't be THAT hard. And I'm smart.)

(Apparently, I AM the man who is flippantly casual about life saving techniques and their importance. But that's beside the point.)

But today, I set some goals for myself and I met them.

(WITHOUT CAFFEINE. I'd like to stress that.)

I don't think I lack confidence, or even follow-through, but sometimes I think I DO suffer from the raging narcissism that I am occasionally accused of, and so it's always a good feeling to actually accomplish something that you KNEW you could do but just hadn't tried.

There are things I know that I will never do; things that I cannot be. But there are LOADS of things that I probably could do that I've just never had the courage to try. But I'm up for the challenge. Life is short. And I have a lot to do.

I wish I could sum up this post on the same profound note that I ended my last one, but that would just be too many deep thoughts in a row for this man, so instead I'm going to have to keep it simple and go with a little Ice Cube:

Today was a good day.

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Pooja said...

Pls dont da! Its too much annoying in my head