Unknown letter

June 25 2010

Dear Prabhu:

I would listen to the kindly, considerate part of yourself that does not want to commit suicide because it would upset the people around you. It has a life-giving message for you.

If you are here on this earth, it is likely that you are here to carry out some task or purpose. Consider giving yourself some time to discover what it is.

It is very natural for 30's something you people to feel unhappy because they feel that they are not going anywhere, have no “place” in the world and to start feeling like they “don’t belong here.”

They are (quite naturally) impatient to learn what it is that they are supposed to be doing, and sometimes feel blank or empty or sad or lonely because their life purpose has not become clear yet.

But one’s life purpose is not always revealed quickly to a person.

Only a few people recognize their life purpose in their 30s.

Since you are at the middle of your life, you still have a few years to discover why you are here. As you gradually discover what you are here to do, you will take classes, join groups, meet new friends, etc., who will share your interests and outlook.

Then you will feel less lonely.

With regard to the suicidal thoughts prabhu consider getting a counselor or therapist, and possibly getting some anti-depressant medication if they recommend it.

Your sadness is understandable, but it is getting too intense and disrupting your life. It is likely becoming a serious depression. A counselor or therapist can help you deal with the negative thoughts, and work with you to get on a more positive path, so your life will be less painful and have more joy.

Fighting to Survive (been there)


Sruthi said...

Really superb da who is that da macha?

Pooja said...

See how many people are there for you fool!!