Dear Mr Advani

November 2 2011

Dear Mr Advani,

I thought I should congratulate you for undertaking a 7600km long arduous Jan Chetna Yatra at the ripe old age of 83. Or is it 85? Whatever! 

But Mr Advani why do you think that my chetna is dead and you need to awaken it by your motorized circus? FYI, I am alive, aware and informed regarding the ills plaguing this nation. I struggle with them on a daily basis.
How I wish I could own one of your air-conditioned raths.  Heard you have many. Since one got damaged, you ordered a new one. But who pay, is providing you with these high-tech chariots? And diesel? Oh, I forgot that Yeddy and Reddy have amassed enough to pay for your diesel bills.

You are lucky since no one is asking uncomfortable questions regarding BJP, because Anna is with you. 

Mr Advani, why did you start this yatra from Chapra, the birth place of Jai Prakash Narayan?  Was it political symbolism or political tokenism? Honestly dude, it doesn’t matter. Today’s youth cares a damn for both. How difficult is it for you and your freaking dinosaur brigade to comprehend the fact that archaic symbolism is dead for us? And while others are debating, your protégé Uma behen Bharti has already endorsed your name as the future PM. 

Honestly, tell me Advani ji. Do you really wish to be the PM? The other day I saw you on TV saying, “I do not wish to be the PM, but if the party so decides, I will abide by the party.” You know Advani ji when you say that you remind me of any B grade Bollywood actress who harps on the cliché and says, “I will strip only if the role demands.”

And what is with this fetish for garlands and headgears? Perhaps because Modi got several headgears during his sadbhavna farce, you thought why not me? What do you do with all the fancy headgears? Forget all that, tell me why were your party men caught distributing cash to journalists in MP? Such desperation? You thought you wont get a positive coverage, hai na?

Finally tell me  if you are not awakening my chetna and you don’t wish to be the PM then why the ‘rath circus’? Why not sit in a room with your arch rivals and work on a few legislation's which will benefit the nation. 

But why am I even writing this letter. You won’t get it, will you? You just got inspired by Anna and Modi and wanted to do something. Another fast would be juvenile. So another yatra. Aren’t you trying too hard to get noticed? As your well wisher; let me tell you that your yatra is much doo- doo about nothing. If anything, it is a colossal waste of time, money, energy and diesel. And it ain't taking you anywhere near PMs car. Modi and Rahul will make sure of that.

Truthfully yours

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