Lost like...

November 16 2011

I just lost all the photographs that I had captured on my Blackberry till date photographs. All of them Lost People, Places, Occasions, Scenes, Memories, Moments, All lost.

I just had one back-up, in my head. I should have kept another physical back-up?! Should have! Could have! Would have! Bah haaa.

This post is in honor of all those lost photographs that will never be seen again. Hence, the no photo blog post. For the very first f***ing time - no photos on my blog post. Sadness!. There were so many of them that I wanted to put up over here. I was even thinking of making a Facebook album. What do I make an album with now.

I recently discovered that I have a flair with capturing meaningful moments. I loved my photos.

I didn't use to make people pose and do a smile please.
I didn't use to fiddle with the camera settings to get cool effects.
I didn't use to take a photo with the intention of taking it, the moment would just come and I would click the damn photograph. I like taking photos. And I like looking at them.

What do I look at now?.

All those photographs.

I just realized. This very moment.

My photographs are like poetry.

They might mean something to me. On the flip-side, you might perceive them differently.

Each of them Most of them had some deep meaning.

Now all meaning, lost.

Lost like the tears I shed when she was gone
Lost like when I looked at Her, lost his frown.
Lost like the evening Sun loses to the Moon
Lost like I wish I could lose this grief soon.

It's not like I have lost people. Or even physical possessions.

I lost digital photographs.

Still. Loss is loss.

Lesson learnt :

Don't delay things. If you think you should do something then just do it man. Don't wait for next fucking month.

Back-up for f***'s sake.

PS - Pray to your respective Gods that the photographs come back miraculously or the phone guy miraculously returns them somehow. Some-f***ing-how.

PPS - Saw what I did with the title of the post? Huh huh huh?

No Country for Old Men - No Photo for Blog Man, i.e. clever wordplay.

I'm too smart for my own good.

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