Where I was?

November 15 2011

Buried in clients office which work weighed more than me, not caring about what the hell was happening around in the world,
Not caring if Kanimozhi will get bail, 
Not caring if Poonam Pandey would finally strip on her rumored visit to bigg boss house, 
Not caring if Terror 'aaooo' Romeo still existed, 
Not caring if I was losing followers just because I didn't blog anymore, 
Not caring to the texts that were being forwarded that said I was dead, 
Not caring if Facebook banned me due to no usage.
Oh wait Facebook doesn't do that. It doesn't even delete your account when you ask it to. It always give you an option to reactivate. Hence, sentenced to life. 

Umm where was I ?
So lost in going home, striving to make a future for myself ,I didn't bath for 2 days.
Technically 1day 2 hours 24minutes. 

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