Don't shed tears!

November 25 2011

Circumstances change, people change and you change.But ,what if you start missing terribly,the 'old' you and the set of people that made you what you were, sometime back?
Someday,you get up and realise that those people who constructed your past, are now, just a small part of your present. Suddenly, you realise that everyone around you right now, are the people who are constructing your present. And you hate them all? They don't value you and maybe that's why even you don't value them.

Another set of people,are those who were a part of your past, and are much more a part of your present. But, they have changed more than you could ever imagine. They are the same people and you love them like earlier, but there is something different now. And that something,you are unable to understand. You are unable to figure it out after days of brainstorming. At the end, you are helpless and accept them the way they are now, for the fear of letting them go takes over. You are helpless and hurt, and more than confused, You can't figure out what went wrong... And the confusion continues till you move ahead in life, leaving such people behind. For now,you seem to be alone. Life is not exactly what you had imagined it to be. People change faster than climate changes now a days.

Prabhu, stop expecting from people around you. And face the reality they are showing you every now and then, You don't matter to them. For God's sake, stop believing that you do. It is not the way it used to be, no one is there to listen. Don't shed tears, they are hardly noticed.

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