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November 12 2011

Life's complicated.

Well not life I d rather say circumstances. Oh wait news update from the brain its not circumstances either. Its people. I cannot understand people. I just cannot understand people. Period. Well its so difficult to understand your own self let alone another human being. At one moment I want this, on another I want that . When asked I ll opt for this only regretting it seconds later and being too egoistic to accept.

Girls please don't throw stones at me but let's just accept 50% of the guys are plain stupid, even 90% of the girls too but right now let's just not deviate !

Yes girls can't drive, they can't take a joke, they can't clearly say what they want, they always want to be a princess expect over-politeness from everybody and then fighting against not being treated equally as a guy. If you want to be treated equal, first consider yourself equal. Don't be like 'don't you know how to behave with a girl?' And then I am equal . If you are equal why the hell do one has to behave specially with you?
I may be completely wrong making an ass of myself, but its 2a.m, I am on a fighting spree, my brain is burnt, I am high on caffeine and I DON'T CARE A DAMN.

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