Someone accompanying me!

November 28 2011

Straying once again
In the fields,all alone.
Suddenly I saw
Someone accompanying me.
A distinct individual
With a soul as pure
As the morning breeze .
Following me
Through the passage
And through the rivers
Through the ups and the downs
Through the lows and the highs
Still unshakable by the tides of time.
Escorting me,
Pampering me,
Advicing me,
Yelling at me,
Loving me,
Caring for me,
Hurting me, 
Consoling me.
Sometimes I wonder
If I am really alone
Or being followed
By the someone called 'Thoughts'.
To give me company
Quietly but evidently.
Today, tomorrow and maybe forever
Like an old friend
Like a mentor
Like a wellwisher.
Like a lonely island
In the Sea of Life.

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