Oh Its Sunday!

November 27 2011

12:00 - It is too early to get up...Today's a Sunday!

13:00 - Oh, I just realised I am not on a hunger strike, I should get up to EAT!

13:15 - Poori comes to rescue!

13:30 - Oh, I should sleep again. Sunday comes only once in a week :(

13:30 - This kind of a phone call

13:45 - Oh its a wrong no

14:00 - Oh damn...why can't I sleep now?

14:30 - Lost in dreams again.

14:45 - Solving the mystery 'why the hell milk rate is increased'

15:00 - You're still sleeping, Get up and get ready fast.

15:01 - Ummmmm, Let me sleep

16:00 - Everyone asleep.

17:05 - Pushed out of bed, Sheets thrown aside.

17:15 - Rushed to take a quick bath.

17:30 - There is nothing better than a shower on a hot, lazy, Sunday afternoon.

17:40 - Its a myth that boys take hours to get up and bath, it took me just a few minutes, And I am ready for the show!

17:45 - Off we go for the most exciting sport of all times - Shoping! :D

18:00 - Reached.

18:02 - Do I really need this coolers, Oh yes I do...Oh no, I don't. It is
such a tough decision...God, help me.

18:05 - It is not too expensive, so I definitely need it. End of Discussion.

18:30 - Shirt Blue, Black,Green.Thats all.

18:50 - Oh Still there are a lot of shops left that I have to check out, and I am hungry already. Lets just have some Chat first and then continue with our mission.

19:00 - Make it spicy...We like it that way!

19:15 - Lets check out the place across the street...I just realised I need a glass of vodka.

20:00 - Tasmac! Oh this place is great! I'll take two. Afterall, we don't know when would we come here again.

20:15 - I guess we're done for today. Lets just go home now.

20:20 - Hey did you see that shoe on the store...Lets go in and have a quick look.

20:30 - I never thought I would end up buying 2 shoes in just 10 minutes. We're coming back next weekend for sure!

20:35 - Lets search for a decent place to have some food.

20:38 - Oh I know a place that serves amazing karaikudi dishes nearby...We're going there.

20:45 - Hmmm...the service is fast...And the food is yummmm.

21:00 - Here comes the bill.

21:01 - Anyone for dessert? There is a famous ice-cream parlour that is 5 mins walk from here.

21:10 - I've been here..this place is just too good for words...Try for yourself and for once, forget about the calories;)

21:30 - Lets go home...Tommorow is Monday.Sob Sob :'(

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