December 30th, 2008

I am fighting because I have to fight if I am ever to recover.

I am fighting negative attitudes and unhelpful assumptions. I am fighting them outside as I have to fight them inside.

Now that the borderline diagnosis is finally out in the open (though there is some confusion as to where it originates) I am going to challenge it. I have to challenge it, because I know in my heart that it is wrong.

I am strong, i have many inner resources, i have stubbornness and faith, i believe that it is possible for me to live a good life, even if it is difficult. and i did not get this far by refusing to take responsibility for myself, or by expecting other people to do it for me, or by not making enough effort, or by thinking negatively or by not having a warm drink before i tried to sleep. so just because i am here, asking for help, don't assume i am stupid or lazy, don't assume you need to teach me how to live or motivate me or make me ashamed.

I am not ashamed!

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