Day two & three: side effects

December 17, 2008

Yep,Day Two & Three of 10mgs OLEANZ. I’ve noticed a
Number of things:
* Weird sleeping patterns.
Like, sleeping until 10am, then staying awake until 12am.
Then needing a significant nap in the afternoon
(like, two hours’ worth).
My sleep has been broken for the last couple of years, but this is
Ridiculous. And I’m still sleeping about 15 hours a day.
* A general feeling of amiable interest in life, together with…
The continuing ability to actually get stuff done. I’m hoping
That this is a result of being tired.
* A bit of a twitchy feeling. Not a tic or anything, just every so
Often I feel like I’ve twitched, even when I haven’t actually
Moved. Not sure if this is a mental thing or a mental/physicalThing.
* Good concentration.
* Good recall.
* A general feeling of being fuzzy and slightly ‘off’.
* Good motivation.
* A funny feeling in my stomach, kind of like apprehension. If
I concentrate and deliberately relax, it goes, but it comes back
As soon as I think of other things.
However, I have noticed good things as well. I’m not crying.
My gross motor skills have improved out of sight (when badly
Depressed, I bump into everything possible). I’m able to see the
Funny side of things.
At this stage, I’m hoping the not so good stuff moderates, and
I continue to keep feeling more normal(ie. non-depressed).
Guess what isn’t working? Oh well, we’ll sort something out.

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