Weekend stuff

December 19th, 2008

I ended up having a pretty good weekend.
I felt better (yay!)And got a fair bit of good things done.
I went shopping with perima & chitti on Saturday,
Buying a few more bits and pieces for charans birthday,
And also picking up a couple of things a black casual shirt,
And some ‘jeans pants’ I was delighted with them, which
Was nice.Sunday I spent most of the day in the garden.
I weeded the front lawn and the front garden beds,
And I even sprayed the rogue lawn that had seeded in the
Garden.(It’s far too hardy to just be pulled up, it needs
Chemicals, unfortunately.)The back lawn and garden still
Need a fair bit of work,But at least the part the neighbours
See is respectableI’m the kind of person who could have it
The same way for my whole life and not think about it, but
Every so often perima likes to move things around a bit.
Anyhow i came in from outside,and I was pleasantly surprised
By the new configuration. And also the fact the house had
Actually been vacuumed b coz of me.So yes, a good weekend.
Being back at work was a funny feeling. I just came in and
Put my head down, and before I knew it, it was lunchtime,
And then time to leave. If only every day went so quickly!
I celebrated by coming home and having a three-hour nap.
I woke up at about 9pm, had some food, and now
I’m relaxing, waiting for my antibiotic to be absorbed, before
I go back to bed. Yes, I’m shameless about my love of sleep.

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