Depression: treatment and prognosis

December 15th, 2008

I originally became depressed as a result of a number of events
That occurred, including (but not limited to) i went to jail, my
Wedding stopped and writing my bike off. All these things
Happened within a second. At 28y, I’d not experienced depression
Previously, so my case would have probably been a fairly
Straightforward one, if it had been deal it with differently.
My doctor, a lovely man, prescribed OLEANZ PLUS & Mirtaz 15
For me. I went from 5mg to 10mg over a period of about a week.
It would work almost immediately (stopped the panicky feelings)
It make me motivated but left me feeling cut off from the rest of
The world. I ended up suicidal, and was referred to a psychiatrist.
She is Jayapradha.Apparently,while OLEANZ treated my anxiety
It do a lot for my depression. Whoops.

So, onto Mirtaz 15 I went. I’ve had better results on it, but I’ve still
Had one minor and one major breakdown on it, with the dose
Increased both times. I’ve got to the highest dosage now-any more
Relapses and I’m onto something else.I sometimes wonder, if
I’d been put on Mirtaz 15 to start with, whether I would be in
A very different place now. Would I be recovered and off drugs
By now, if I’d been on an effective drug from the start? Would
My long-term prognosis be better? My understanding is that
Treatment should start ASAP(as soon as possible) for the best
Results. Given I was on a drug which did control my depression
For over a week, what does that mean for my future?
These are all unanswerable questions. But the fact that I will
Never know doesn’t stop me from wondering, especially at 3 in
The morning.

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