Two Minute Review : Ayan

April 8th, 2009

Once again K.V.Anand, the ace cinematographer turned director has come up with an usual story, but with a fresh approach.
Ayan is a 100 percent peppy and racy entertainment which will hold everyone to their seat to watch till the final shot.

The story of the film is not a new one. It is like the old wine in a new bottle. But the director serves the wine with the most apt side dishes that increases its taste and makes it a fresh one!

Deva (Surya) is a computer science post graduate living in North Madras area with his mother (Renuka) who runs a grocery shop and duty free shop in the Bazaar.

Instead of getting a government job according to his studies, Deva likes to become a smuggler (Kuruvi-carrier of smuggling goods from abroad) and finally joins Das (Prabhu), a good hearted local smuggler and old friend of his late father.

Kamlesh (Akashdeep Saigal) is the only enemy of Das - Deva and always tries to become the number one in the bazaar by using all means. He cant even tolerate their small victories.

Soon he sends one of his boy Chitti (Jegan) as a spy in Das' gang. Later Deva finds this and removes him from his gang. But in the meantime Deva falls in love with Chitty's beautiful younger sister.

Kamlesh greedy to get rich and powerful starts dealing in narcotics, which is against the principles and ethics of Deva-Das combo. All this leads to bloody clashes and a satisfied climax.

What makes you to enjoy the film is K.V.Anand's fresh and logical approach throughout the film. The comedy portions have been work out very well. The introduction scene between Surya and Tamanna is an interesting piece and it continues in all the scenes involving the lead pair.

Surya dons his role with passion. His performance as an energetic action hero throughout the film pumps up the adrenaline of the viewers. He looks charming and his romantic scenes with Tamanna are poetical.

Tamanna looks very fresh and beautiful like lovely angel and steals the hearts of viewers. The chemistry between Tamanna and Surya is terrific and quite enjoyable.

The circumstance leading to Surya meeting Tamanna for the first time due to the antics of Jagan is a real fun ride. Prabhu is a sweet surprise in the film. He plays the role as Das, the good hearted smuggler with style and dignity.

Others like Ponvannan, Karunaas, Jagan, Renuka and Akashdeep Saigal play their roles well enough.

Two songs under Harris Jayaraj's music are peppy, but the other two have really become the Speed breakers to the fast phase of the the screenplay. His background score has also not come up to the mark.

M.S Prabhu, the growing cameraman, is the offscreen hero of the film! His camera angles and colouring sense have really helped to show the film in a different style.
Rajeevan’s set design and Antony's fast cutting are the major pluses for Ayan.

A must watch entertainer this Summer!


Cast: Surya, Prabhu, Tamanna, Karunaas, Ponvannan, Jagan
Music: Harris Jayaraj
Camera: M.S.Prabhu
Stunts: Kanal Kannan
Arts: Rajeevan
Editor: Antony
Story, Screenplay and Direction: K.V.Aanand
Producers: AVM
Presenter: Sun Pictures

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