Days of My Life - 2008

April 7th, 2009

A typical weekday in my life - 2008
0800 to 0900 Wake up, bathroom activities.
0900 to 1000 Orkut, read blog, get ready for work.
1000 to 1100 Brave traffic to work. Often arrive just a little bit late.
1100 to 1200 Laze about at the office. If there’s work, will start.
1200 to 1500 Work. Apparently it is a slow season for my business, so I’m often between work and wait. Do a bit of work, wait. Repeat process till lunch time. In between eat fruits  instead of breakfast.
1500 to 1600 Lunch time. More often than not, stay in office to eat lunch I go home.
1600 to 1700 Coffee with Anipra.
1700 to 2200 Work. business consists of selling products, explaining, checking e-mail, organising,  getting forms from clients, checking those forms, sending draft to clients via e-mail and receiving feedback from them before repeat the steps all over again.
2200 to 2230 closing the store.
2230 to 2300 Having a vodka alone.                                              
2300 to 2330 Brave traffic again, reach home, dinner. Commuting takes between half hour to 45 minutes.
2330 to 0300 Watch tv or a movie  at home.
0300 to 0800 Sleeps and dreams.

A typical weekend in my life
Doing all of the above throughout the day. Remove the work bits and add reading and more drinking and eating.

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