Things I don’t understand

April 20th, 2009

Like how one day I can be feeling pretty good; the next I can’t get out of bed

Like how people can appear to be okay, when really they’re not

Like how clothes that haven’t fitted for ages miraculously do

Like how people can be oblivious to anything and everything and the damage they’re doing

Like why books are so expensive

Like why the decision between new phone or iPod and which one can be so difficult

Like how I have to quash myself every day to stop making a show of myself

Like how people that supposedly understand, don’t

Like how the mental health system is so complex that when I’m feeling that bad, I can’t even bear to think about navigating it

Like how I have so much work to do, and a will to do it but my head is swimming

Like how making a decision always has repercussions

Like how I can decide that when I get back to Pollachi I will throw away my box of goodies, but five minutes later that idea is totally inconceivable

Like how people still want to know me

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