Are you a good programmer?

February 15 2010

A good programmer will:
  • Read good code and appreciate it.
  • Embrace simplicity.
  • Embrace aesthetics.
  • Embrace review process.
  • No ego.
  • Collaborate and be team player.
  • Communicate properly.
  • Read Code complete, Pragmatic Programmer.
  • Visits slashdot and other tech blogs.
  • Do not have superficial knowledge.
  • Have common sense.
  • Develop a taste for programming.
  • Learn multiple languages.
  • Learn form the masters.
  • Optimal use of meetings.
  • Do not blame on compilers!
  • Fixes the issues at source.
  • Will have meaningful debug sessions.
  • Will be a part of religious war.
  • Will not be a part of religious war.
  • Uses version control effectively
  • Does not repeats himself
  • Will not become a manager!
  • Do not get defensive on review comments.
  • Do not entertain BS.
  • Do not tolerate lousy programmers.
  • Are lazy.
  • Do not live on jargons.
  • Will write test cases.
  • Will comment.
  • Will use correct tool.
  • Will develop tools.
  • and many more…. 

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are you a good programmer