Se7en Things You Don't Need To Know About Me

February 28 2010

1. I have a constant fear of   talking with people who criticize me.

2. It makes me very uncomfortable when people have high expectations about me. I feel very pressured and the consequent stress kills me.

3.I do not respect people who do not contribute their bit as part of a team or in the house. I cannot stand lazy people, smart shirkers and passive consumers.

4. For me, meals is very particular. I never eat food which I don't like, even where ever it is.

5.What I find most attractive in a person is their sense of humor, knowledge of their subject and the ability to speak well.

6. I find it tiring to have long phone conversations. After 5 minutes I get exhausted.

7.I get very annoyed when there is no coffee or ice water in the house.

I don't know if the world has become marginally more informed now that these 7 facts are out in the open.But it was a good exercise for me to think up something I may not have blogged about already.


Pooja said...

from school to till now you act smartly idiot

Sruthi said...

prabhu nu oru manasthan irundha unaku theriuma ?