Who am I?

February 18 2010

Who am I? I am...

Empathic/a listener/wise -
I feel that I can relate to people, give them good advice even if I haven't experienced the situation I somehow know...

Ambitious -
New and exciting ideas pop into my head. To think of achieving my idea keeps me excited and motivated - usually carrying my ideas through.

Social -
I like to try and be social. I like to be in a crowd or a social environment - surrounded by people even if I'm not speaking or don't really know anyone. I can soak up the atmosphere and feel myself.

Thankful -
Thankful for everything that has happened in my life, the worst and the bad. I feel that there is a reason for everything and should let it be. Everything that has happened has taught me something.

Free -
I am happiest when I'm free. When I am outside exploring, doing and experiencing new things. I like a change of scenery - going places I've not gone before.

Observational -
I learn from watching and listening to others. Other's mistakes are my strengths( but most of the time my mistakes make others stronger). I learn from watching people's reactions and always listen to their story's.

Tidy -
I like my surroundings to be tidy as I like my life to be.

Mysterious -
I like to be more than meets the eye. I like it when people who think they know me find out more about me that they never knew and I turn out to be a completely different person...

Scared -
Scared of certain situations...such as calling people (apart from those I know very well). I don't like anything too unpredictable and whatever that maybe I'd prefer someone else to do it...

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Anonymous said...

you really rocking man keep going