Music and the Little Me

February 13 2010

As a child on long car journeys I used to make in my mind a little me who proceeded along the verges and over the hedges in a series of leaps and bounds.

That little me is back again, swinging from the lamp posts as I drive through town, soaring and spinning with the music and the view.

I hear music with my whole body. It moves through me in a shiver of sensations, opening new channels and pathways, reconfiguring my being. The world is magical, mysterious and dense with meaning.

The truth is that on a human level ecstacy is as incapacitating as despair.


pooja said...

I used to do that too. Imagine me running along beside the car, leaping on the hedges and finding a route where I didn't touch the ground. I always thought I was unique...!

sruthi said...

Thank you for posting this, I always thought it was just me too.

Same with the music etc.


Oh cool - I had no idea if anyone would know what I was talking about!

Anyone else for the mini-me club?