February 1 2010

Life's hard, 
Even harder if you don’t feel loved.
Especially by those you’ve given so much of it too.
To give but to not receive,
Is the most painful thing indeed.
You lose your purpose,
Your will
Your life.

In a corner I sit and stare,
But really I'm wishing someone would talk to me.
I’m scared of being alone,
Without anipra  by my side,
She wants to take my hand through,
The good,
The bad,
The wild.

I know I’m a terrible lover,
It’s a place I lack experience.
Always afraid to speak unless spoken to,
Wanting to run and hide.

Friends come along, get bored and move on.
For I've been hurt so many times,
Again I’m used.
Again I’m empty
Again I’m alone

I’m sorry I couldn't always be there,
For many reasons you know,
But the thought never crossed your mind,
To be a friend and comfort me at that time.
Our conversations are always short now,
I may as well be invisible,
It’s lost,
It’s gone,
It’s dead.

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